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10 Drift Attempts Gone Horribly Wrong

By Car Throttle

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE CAR THROTTLE MOBILE APP! Are you a pro drifter? Thought not. You see, everyone thinks they're as good as Kenny from the Block when it comes to drifting. But when it goes wrong, it REALLY goes wrong... Subscribe to Car Throttle: ----- Follow Car Throttle ----- Subscribe to Car Throttle: On our website: On Facebook: On Twitter: ----- Credits ----- Music: "Beach Party" by Kevin MacLeod ( ---- Watch the full videos here ---- "Truck Drift Crash..RAW! Saudi Arabia Slow Motion included!" by lejunga97 "Biker's Drifting Attempt Gone Wrong" by Favviralz "Drifting Fails, damn!" by AwesumeVids "Pump Truck Drift Fail" by wallace009 "Mx5 FAIL on 1st corner Buxton Drift One" by Woocash Uzar "Airbus A-320 Cross Wind FAIL Landig" by sasty73 "Volvo 740 Drift Fail" by 49FPS "BMW M6 E63 Unfall Crash after DRIFT Accident Incidente Wypadek Drifts" by CarCrashChannel Tomek "BMW M6 drift crash taxi in Saigon BMW M6 Drift tông taxi tại SaiGon" by DmitriyGorbachew "Nissan GT-R Drift Fail Crash" by SNR Tube "DRIFT FAIL - How not to drift - Especially not in a front-wheel drive Lada." by CAR VIDEOS "How to Exit the Freeway Like a Boss!" by viralboylol

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