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2015 Audi A6 4G Facelift - Full LED Headlights (1080p)

By Automann-TV

After I recently picked up a facelifted 2015 Audi A6 4G with 190 hp 2.0 TDI I would like to give you a detailed tour of the revised light system that this car features. Actually there are 3 light versions available, a standard Xenon with LED taillights, a full-LED light system in the front with dynamic LED taillights, and the full Matrix-LED with dynamic tail and dynamic front turn-indicators. This actually is the version in the middle already delivering an awesome brightness and the turn indicators making a "show" at the rear. If you are interested in these and other videos please make sure to LIKE / COMMENT / SUBSCRIBE and don't miss more videos of this car going live within the next days and weeks!

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