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► 2015 Mercedes-AMG C 63 S on racetrack

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New 2015 Mercedes-AMG C 63 S brilliant blue metallic 476 hp (350 kW) for the C 63 510 hp (375 kW) for the C 63 S This impressive jump in efficiency takes its origins from the new power unit: the M177 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine, the latest member of the BlueDIRECT engine family, is closely related to the M178 sports car engine that powers the new Mercedes-AMG GT. This innovative eight-cylinder unit stands out for its sublime power delivery, the purposeful lightweight construction, as well as its high efficiency and environmental compatibility. It also meets the highest expectations with regard to noise and vibration comfort. The newly developed eight-cylinder features two turbochargers which are not mounted on the outside of the cylinder banks but rather inside the V configuration – experts call it a 'hot inside V'. The benefits are a compact engine design, optimum responsiveness and low exhaust emissions. A sports exhaust system with special exhaust flap technology is used for the C 63 and C 63 S. Depending on the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT transmission mode, the engine note varies between subdued for long-distance tours and throaty for emotional appeal. The exhaust flap is located in the front third of the twin-pipe exhaust system, and is operated variably according to a characteristic map – dependent on the transmission mode, the driver's power requirement and the engine speed. A Performance exhaust system with three selectable exhaust flaps is optionally available for both engine variants. This gives the driver an even wider sound range: in transmission mode "Comfort" the engine note is comfortable and discreet, while in "Sport +" and "Race" the V8 sound is far more dominant, and reminiscent of a racing touring car – including very audible upshifts and pronounced throttle blips. In addition to being varied by the transmission mode, the engine sound can be individually selected in two stages at the touch of a button. As a new and unique feature in this competitive segment, the C 63 S – like the Mercedes-AMG GT – is equipped with dynamic engine mounts. These resolve the conflicting aims of comfort and dynamic performance by reducing vibrations in the engine/transmission unit. Powerful V8 engines have long been a key area of expertise at AMG, the performance brand within Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-AMG GmbH is entirely responsible for both their development and production. The 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine is hand-assembled in Affalterbach according to the "one man, one engine" principle. Apart from serving as a hallmark confirming superlative production quality, the AMG engine badge bearing the engine technician's signature also attests to the peerless DNA of the sports car and high-performance brand within Mercedes-Benz. Look at the AMG Factory video: The transmission plays a major part in the direct and sporty character of the new Mercedes-AMG C 63. The AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports transmission impresses with its tailor-made dynamics and high variability. The MCT transmission was thoroughly revised for use in the C 63, and now responds to all gearshift commands even more directly. The double-clutching function during downshifts, which varies in intensity depending on the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT transmission mode, guarantees maximum emotional appeal. Whether automatic or initiated by the driver using the steering wheel shift paddles, a manual upshift or downshift is executed noticeably faster than in the preceding model. Especially in transmission modes "Sport +" and "Race" (only for C 63 S), the transmission is now much more responsive. Improvements to the hardware and software of the transmission have made this greater responsiveness possible. The aluminium shift paddles on the new Performance steering wheel are also able to transfer the driver's manual gearshift instructions even more quickly than before. There is a further increase in perceived dynamism. Excellent deceleration and fade-resistance is ensured by the AMG high-performance braking system with internally ventilated and perforated 360‑millimetre brake discs all-round. The grey-painted brake callipers have white AMG lettering. In the C 63 S the front discs are of composite construction with a diameter of 390 millimetres, and the red brake callipers have black AMG lettering. A high-performance ceramic composite braking system at the front axle is available as an optional extra for the C 63 S for the first time. The ceramic discs have a diameter of 402 millimetres, and the striking "AMG Carbon Ceramic" lettering can be found on the specially painted brake callipers. If you love cars, you should subscribe now to YouCar's channel: Go ahead, it's free! All the Best. ------------------------------------------------------- Website: Facebook:

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