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2015 Volkswagen Passat - Active Info Display

By YouCar

In the new Passat, Volkswagen is launching an instrument cluster that is built as a display with interactive representation of information: the Active Info Display. All instruments were implemented virtually by software. Only safety-related indicator lights are executed in hardware. The information can be displayed in 2D and 3D; 12.3 inches is equivalent to a screen diagonal of 312 mm. The display resolution of 1,440 x 540 pixels enables extremely precise and high-end graphic display of all details. The display is interactive. Consider Navigation mode: Here, the speedometer and tachometer are relocated to the sides to make more room for the map. Depending on needs, information such as driving, navigation and assistance functions may be integrated into the graphic surfaces of the speedometer and tachometer. Data that previously could only be displayed on the centre console via the infotainment system, such as images of phone contacts or CD covers, can now be incorporated into the Active Info Display of the Passat. The Active Info Display can be customised according to the car model and equipment. In the new Passat with a plug-in hybrid drive, for example, the tachometer is programmed to become a Powermeter. Volkswagen will offer the Active Info Display as an alternative to analogue instruments as either a standard or optional feature. ► SUBSCRIBE NOW: ► WEBSITE: ► FACEBOOK: ► TWITTER: ► GOOGLE+:

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