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Amazing Supercars & Sounds: Mansory Stallone, Hamann Hawk, Enzo, SLR, Alfa 8C, 599 GTO

By Shmee150

Another night in Monaco, another amazing line-up of cars, but then a Mansory Stallone 599 drives by! Back to the line-up; Ferrari 599 GTB, Ferrari FF, Aston Martin DB9, McLaren Mercedes SLR, Hamann Hawk SLS Roadster, Lamborghini Gallardo, Alfa Romeo 8C, Rolls Royce Drophead, Bentley Azure. Distracted again as another FF fires up before driving off, a California drives by, then the Stallone goes the other way before the FF. A grey F430 Spider rolls by before flooring it and then the SLR starts up and leaves. A lovely red Audi R8 and then Lamborghini LP560 appear before a rather bizarre yellow/carbon wrapped F430. A few more normal cars cruise by in the form of a Maybach 57S and McLaren MP4-12C before a new 458 Spider joins the lineup. An LP570 Superleggera then drives by as a Grancabrio pulls up and another California drives by. But then the best of all, a silver Ferrari Enzo cruises by, huge rumbles from its V12, then the 599 GTB leaves but where would we be without the glorious startup of the Alfa Romeo 8C. A customised BMW M3 then drives by and just as we thought it was all coming to an end a Ferrari 599 GTO joins the fun. Thanks for watching, Tim Subscribe: ------------------------------------------------------------ Facebook: Twitter: Car Blog: Camera: Sony CX700

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