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Cadillac LeMans, Buick Y Job & ALL 3 GM Firebird Concept Cars: A tour the GM Motorama

By MotoManTV

MotoMan leads you on a tour of the General Motors Motorama concept cars from the General Motors Heritage Center and provides a brief history of each: GM Firebird I, II & III as well as the GM LeSabre, Cadillac LeMans and Buick Y Job. MotoMan Monterey Car Week 2014: A new film EVERY day in celebration of Monterey Car Week, Pebble Beach Concours & the Monterey Historic Races MotoMan. Ordinary Car Guy. Extraordinary Adventures EVERY WEEK, Mean Gene & MotoMan bring you a new episode of their extraordinary adventures in the car world. Sure, MotoMan drives the latest cars to blue chip classics but that’s just the beginning: He experiences bucket list car guy adventures like going behind the scenes to build manufacturer show cars to driving military prototype vehicles. Back at the studio, Mean Gene takes apart the newly introduced cars and provides his unique technical perspective. Subscribe now to experience our adventures in the car world. Check out our Monterey Car Week playlist: Check out MotoMan’s Playlist: Come visit us at our home, The Petersen Automotive Museum on Museum Row in Los Angeles, California, where each month, MotoMan has an informal discussion with the key people shaping the car industry in front of a live studio & Internet streamed audience. Connect with us via Facebook & Twitter for a full schedule: Facebook - Twitter - Website - http://www.MotoMan.TV Petersen:

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