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Ferrari Meet - Enzo F40 F430 Scuderia 599 575 360 CS & More

By Marchettino

Marco records a Ferrari meet during the Ferrari Challenge in the SantaMonica autodrome. You can see a lot of them starting up, revving, accelerating, racing and flying by at a very high speed in the racetrack. Here a list of the cars of the meet: Enzo F40 F430 F430 Spyder F355 F355 GTS F355 Spyder F355 Challenge 430 Scuderia 612 Scaglietti 599 GTB 512 TR 575 Maranello 550 Maranello 360 360 Challenge Stradale 360 Spyder 348 TB And remember to watch the vid in high quality mode, it's more clear and you can hear better the simphony of the Ferraris engines :) In the vid there are 44 starting up of Ferraris :P

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