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How To Race BTCC - /SHAKEDOWN Interview


US racer, Robb Holland, he of the Pirelli World Challenge, has chosen to join the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship for 2 races in August, 2012. Holland is already in England getting ready to test. ShakeDown host, Leo Parente, catches Robb the night prior to his 1st run to get the lowdown on what's up and what Robb expects. Together, they discuss the racecar, the racing, and the techniques to get his S2000-spec Honda Civic to go fast and compete with the BTCC vets. SimRaceway - ShakeDown Partner - McLaren Month Robb Holland BTCC Links- Robb Holland Post Robb Holland BTCC Post BTCC History BTCC HomePage Jason Plato BTCC Save ShakeDown Pirelli World Challenge Cadillac Show

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