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McLaren Mercedes SLR 722S - Walkaround and Combo with Ghost and Granturismo

By Shmee150

Shmee150 spots this awesome McLaren Mercedes SLR 722S Roadster parked at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. The 722S is a limited edition of 150 cars that can reach of top speed of 208mph and 0-62mph takes just 3.6 seconds. It can be seen in combo with the Rolls Royce Ghost and Maserati Grantursimo, although sadly out in the pouring rain! Camera: Shot on a Sony CX520 in FullHD and uploaded in 1080p Location: Paris, France Don't forget to check out my blog at - videos/pics/news of all things cars! Like Shmee150 on Facebook at All feedback on my videos is appreciated! Thanks for watching, Tim (Shmee150)

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