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Pagani Zonda PS '760' - Startup, Rev and Driving

By Shmee150

The Pagani Zonda PS has had a refresh! As Mercedes no longer provide the engines to make new Zondas, the only way to have the latest model is to upgrade an earlier car, and one such owner, Peter Saywell, has done exactly this by transforming his PS into a car that meets his exact tastest. Specifically this car now features the wing and tail fin along with other components from the spectacular Zonda 760 RS and 760 LH (Lewis Hamilton), and a power boost to something in the 750hp region although what we noticed here is that it doesn't have the same super-loud exhaust as the 760 models. The car can be seen attending the 2013 Horsham Piazza Italia event held on Easter Weekend. Thanks for watching, Tim Subscribe: ------------------------------------------------------------ Facebook: Twitter: Car Blog: Camera: Sony CX700

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