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Renault Espace 2015 - Production

By YouCar

By breaking away from its conventional MPV form to adopt the dynamic lines of a crossover instead, the new Renault Espace exudes unmistakable presence. Standing at 4.85 metres in length (in both its five and seven-seat forms) and 1.87 metres wide, the new Espace crossover is generously proportioned. Its contained height of 1.68 metres (63 mm lower than the current-generation Espace) and high waist line imbue it with a streamlined stance. This impression is accentuated by the vehicle’s long wheelbase (2.88 metres, 16mm longer than the current Grand Espace) which also provides a more spacious interior. This impression of aerodynamic efficiency is confirmed by the newcomer’s low drag credentials, namely a Cd of 0.30 and a CdA of 0.845 sq. metres. The new Espace sees Renault introduce two technological advances revealed at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show on a production model. - Twin Turbo technology for the Energy dCi 160 powerplant: a small, low-inertia turbo is dedicated to performance at low revs, while the second turbo takes over at higher engine speeds. The ample torque is rapidly available to guarantee a driving experience that is smooth and lively, with excellent pick-up. - Automatic transmission with a new Shift-by-Wire control (a first for Renault), for two of the three engines. This solution is used in Formula 1 and improves the precision and smoothness of gear changes thanks to better shift management. This transmission also yielded design benefits: the absence of a mechanical link enabled the designers to incorporate such hallmark features as the new Espace’s floating console and compact, aviation-style gear lever. ► If you love cars, you should subscribe now to YouCar: All the Best. ► If you love cars, you should subscribe now to YouCar's channel: Go ahead, it's free! All the Best.

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