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Supercars Head-to-Head at Vmax Quicksilver - 9eXX, CTR3, 720 Mirage, Zonda

By Shmee150

Quicksilver Exhausts sponsored a Vmax 200 event; and a flurry of awesome supercars arrived at the airfield to hit the runway. 7 cars hit the 200mph mark in the damp conditions, with the Nine Excellence 9eXX reaching 229mph! Here are a sample of the cars taking part and the sounds of them in action, there is plenty of further coverage of this event but for now here are the top results: 9 Excellence 9EXX 229 Ruf CTR3 206 Ultima 1000 203 Ferrari F12 202 997 turbo 9e30 201 Mirage GT 200 Lamborghini Aventador 200 Thanks for watching, Tim Subscribe: ------------------------------------------------------------ Facebook: Twitter: Website: Camera: Sony CX700

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