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Volvo Autonomous Driving - Vision 2020

By YouCar

Autonomous driving in traffic queues Autonomous Driving Support helps the driver stay in his or her lane and follow the rhythm of the traffic if queues build up. "Driving in slow queues is a monotonous and boring part of many drivers' everyday lives. Thanks to technology for autonomous driving, the car can help the driver comfortably and safely follow the vehicle in front," explains Fredrik Lundholm, Function Developer at the Safety Functions department. Using data from a camera and radar sensors, the car can follow the vehicle in front (see the graphics and video). The engine, brakes and steering respond automatically. If the vehicle in front is forced to make a quick move because of an obstacle in the road, the driver is assisted by the steering system, which makes the car veer in the same direction. "This function has considerable scope for making the driver's life easier. Our first generation of advanced technology focuses on driving in queues at low speeds. The car follows the vehicle in front in the same lane. However, it is always the driver who decides. He or she can take control at any time," says Fredrik Lundholm.

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