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► VW Cross Coupé concept

By YouCar

Technically too the very sporty Cross Coupé concept car defines a new status, being based on Volkswagen's new modular transverse matrix (MQB) -- the first such model ever to be publicly shown. Features of the Cross Coupé consequently include strikingly short bodywork overhangs. The four-seat SUV is powered by two electric motors (1 x front, 1 x rear) and a direct injection turbo petrol engine (TSI). The Cross Coupé can drive a distance of up to 45 kilometres purely on electric power. The all-wheel drive system with 'electric drive shaft' represents an innovation for Volkswagen, with the rear axle being driven by the rear of the two electric motors. In this situation power is supplied to the rear electric motor by the one at the front, which during this phase acts as a generator powered by the TSI engine. In the Cross Coupé the flow of electrical energy thus replaces the conventional transfer of power by means of a drive shaft. And that creates room on board the concept car for another important technology: the centre tunnel, usually the place for the drive shaft, houses the lithium ion battery (tunnel battery) on the Cross Coupé. The low position of the battery and the general layout of the drive systems give the vehicle a very low centre of gravity and facilitate a balanced spread of axle loading. Although equipped with the all-round qualities of an SUV, the concept car therefore demonstrates the dynamic handling of a coupé.

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